Package 1 - The Business 

Digital-only offering with: *1 hour of set-up, *3 hours of up time, *Social sharing kiosk to Facebook and Twitter, *Professional attendant, *Personalized graphics, *Downloads for guests from our Facebook page, *High resolution JPGs for you and an online gallery for 24/7, *Worldwide viewing and ordering *We use the background from a wall at your event or custom background. 


Package 2 - Party Time! 

A great upgrade from our digital photo booth where you’re looking to entertain guests while providing them with a personalized keepsake from your event to go home with. This package includes unlimited prints and is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, company parties and mitzvahs: *Digital photo booth *4 Hours of up time *Deluxe backdrop *Personalized print artwork *SMS, GIF, and Social Sharing *Online gallery *High resolution JPGs *Photo booth attendant *props