Frequently Asked Questions 

How big is the booth? 

The photo booth is approximately 3 ft x 2 ft. The Backdrop can be either 6 ft, 9 ft, or 12 ft wide. We need about 6 to 8 ft of distance between the booth and the backdrop. Most people set aside a 9 ft x 9 ft square area and that is more than enough space for some West Photobooth Fun! 

What kinds of backdrops do you have? 

All kinds! We have a wide selection of sparkle backdrops, solid color backdrops, even green screen capabilities for digital backdrops. If you have something specific in mind, let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate you.  

Set up time? 

We like to arrive to the venue at least an hour in advance. Our set-up time is included in the price and does not count against your event time. 

Venue requirements? 

We need access to an electrical plug that is at within 50 ft of where you would like the booth to be. Access to WiFi or Access to 4G cell phone service is required to instantly share photos. If there is not any internet service, we are able to use the booth and queue up any photos or GIFs shared by the guests and upload them when the event is over. 

How many people fit in the booth? 

That depends on how deep and wide the booth and backdrop is set up. At 12 ft deep and wide, 30 people could easily fit into frame. For our most popular set up, 10 to 15 people can squeeze in at once. The choice is up to you! 

How far in advance do I need to book? 

We have no minimum booking date requirements. To check availability for your date Contact Us Here. 

Where can guests view pictures after the event? 

On our Online Photo Gallery! Each event is uploaded to our gallery and is password protected so only the guests who were at the event can see the pictures.  

How much does it cost? 

That depends on the specific needs of your event (time, number of guests, etc.). We are happy to match the rate of any other company offering a comparable level of service.  

How long can I rent the booth for? 

We require a minimum of 2 hours per any event. Contact Us Here and we'll do our best to accommodate your specific needs. 

Are you Insured? 

We are fully insured up to 2 Million Dollars. We are more than happy to provide a Certificate of Insurance upon request.